Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Going Down Under??

Want to find an interesting, SEXXXY, and hot magazine?? Visit our friends at DNA Magazine in Australia! Very cutting edge and very super cool! But not too cool to smother the hot! There's plenty of that once you start looking through the website... and while you're there... why not subscribe??!!

Click here...


Here's your dose of eye candy for today! Watch that SWEETTOOTH!!

Halloween Leftovers!

This is our Halloween costumes laid out on the sofa... Can you guess what we were??? Leave your guesses in the comment section!


LEAVE MADGE ALONE!!!!!!!! And baby David!!!!!!

This picture shows a bruise on her majesty's face. It was reported that a scuffle with the papparazzi at London's Heathrow airport got Madonna this bruise. She was only trying to get through the crowd with her security and got bumped in the face. When is enough enough??!! The woman wants to adopt... let her be! Go after Angelina and Brad! What's the difference??!! Both couples are trying to make a better world.

HOORAY! It's Time for ASS!

THE DONKEY HAS TAKEN BACK CONTROL! Seriously.... An historic event has unfolded in our political lifetime! The Democrats have KICKED Republican ASS! Way to go to all the Dems out there! It's been a long time coming and CONGRATS to the new governor of MASSACHUSETTS!! GO DEVAL!!

So The Best Little Gay Space has been on a looooooooong hiatus. So sorry. Things have been very complacent... but I think I am up and running now and focused in a new direction... if you check the archives from a while back... I am now back in college. And I might add... doing fantastically! (pat pat pat on the back...) Anyway.. Hope to bring all of you who don't even know we exist... the most up to date info on EVERYTHING UBER COOL!

I might add... the class we are in now is Information Tech (Computers)... so maybe we can shake this site up!

Night All! See you tomorrow!