Saturday, January 12, 2008

Queen Latifah : Simply Beautiful

For those of you who didn't realize the Queen does great jazzy tunes too! One of my favorites.

Guys in the shower

Guys in the shower
Video sent by jellysoul

Guys being guys, enjoy!!!

Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me 2

Just some Colton Ford to get you all excited! Run over to ShirleyHeezgay to see the dance mix of this one! Actually I stand corrected... Shirl has the dance mix of "That's Me" with Colton. Sorry Shirl :) So check that one out there... Shirl... you have me addicted to these damn videos now! LOL! YUM!

Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me

Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me

Just Because It's Been A While....

New Years Eve Cocktail Party In PTOWN!!!!