Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday night hotties and hunks!

Andy works on Jason

Whew!! I want to get in the middle of that!!


I think we've all heard by now that Leona Helmsley left her damn dog $12 million dollars in a trust fund! The injustice of it all. I've been someone's bitch before... and it didn't get me $12 bucks!! Guess I need to bite the help next time!!

Good Morning!

Okay... I've really been slacking this week from posting! So Sorry but It has been really busy with my work and getting ready to start back to college again next week.

I'm glad to hear Castro Confidential is back from vacation!! I was beginning to miss the five o'clock shadows! But this little gem of a stud above is courtesy of Castro's bar listing post! He does a fine job of telling what's what for you bar goers if you are in the Castro area!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday 8/28 Hunks

I feel guilty for not posting worthy content the last few days! It's been a hectic last few days and past weekend! Here's a little hotness to appease you all! Enjoy!