Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good Night for Now!!

Hey you all!!!! Thanks for breaking my 200 people in a day counting!!!!!! This has been FANTASTIC!!!!! Here's somthing to keep you over...I'd let you ALL through the velvet rope!!

Leave a comment!!!!

Tickling the muscle jock

Okay ... last one... I like it best when they can't get away!

Wrestling Super Model Zack vs RED

Ya... sure... I do this all the time in the back yard!

Zack Playgirl Model Wrestling Blaze

Oh la la~

BArbie Gone Very Very Bad!

Random Silly, althought the dark haired guy is kinda cute!

Afternoon Romp!

A little diversion...

And more...
If you like things... say so... let me know you stopped by and where from! See ya!

Mystery Hunk of the Day!

Okay... who's this big stud on a Saturday?? Leave your guess in the comments!

One of my Fave's!

If you have ever had the chance to see this woman sing live in person... you have had a real nice treat! I know she is a really crude lesby comic... but MAN!! Can she sing real great jazz!! She will be preforming at this years Provincetown 2nd annual Womans Jazz Festival. Don't miss it on August 12th. Do you know who she is?? Says it right there!

You have the right to remain silent!

Really officer! I told you... I was only walking through the park at 2 AM to get home. I really don't know what happened to my pants!


Had to look twice...

Just a name of a flower that caught my eye at the Epcot Flower & Wine Festival last month. Oh, and the wine... Delicious!

Extra Cash to burn?

Just in case you have $37,500 extra dollars lying around... you might want to pick up this little gem in Epcot, Walt Disney World! A crystal cinderella's castle, all your very own! True die-hard princesses need only apply!

What you'd really like to see at the Beach!

Here you go... I know you are waiting!

Get soaking wet!

Beach Candy!

Just a few pictures to get your beach day started! These are a few pictures I have taken in my photography class this past year. I think you can tell I love the beach and Ocean!

Beach anyone??

Looks like it might be a great beach day today... I am close to Hampton Beach and Ogunquit area. What to do....? My two doggies want their breakfast! The dark one is Foster & the white one is Emma... Dont' they look sweet?? Leave them alone in a room for 2 minutes without looking... then answer that question! LOL!

Happy Saturday Morning!

Good morning everyone. It's a bright sunny morning here in New England this morning. Not sure what today will bring but whatever it is... fun is the theme for today! My friends from NYC are arriving in Provinetown this morning... I join them every year but sadly cannot this time. I will be there for the ever out of this world Carnival week August 12 - 19th! Until then my NYC friends... have a planters punch for me at the Boatslip tea dance!

A Little Random Goofing

Cute College Guys Dancing!

Dancing Cadet

Charlie The Unicorn

Good Night for Now!!

Well folks... Time for sweet dreams! It's been a fun day and look forward to more tomorrow! I tried doing a lot of work to the site today and updated a lot of the look of the formatting. More to come!


Friday, July 20, 2007

Tammy Faye Messner

You probably remember her from the failed PTO Bible thumping Jim Baker, of whom she was married to... and thankfully got away from! She realized us gay people weren't so bad and we have embraced her since the movie documentary 'The Eye's of Tammy Faye'. We saw she was a misguided lamb in the world just as most of us are. She is fighting the fight of her life with inoperable lung cancer and is down to 65 pounds! But DAMN GIRL! You still look great on Larry King!

We will pray for you and your family and keep faith for your soul my dear!

Friday Night Club Scene

It's Friday night! Time to kick it! Happy weekend y'all! For those of you who might need a little bit of cuddle tonight... or the attitude the more, the merrier, then here you go! Hurry... before the lights go on at 1 AM!!

I dig it!

I have been perusing through Castro Confidentials website and came across his signature quitting time Five O'Clock shadow. I Love it! Nice to see some guy pics being posted with a little scruff and fur. Here's one from the site. Check the site out!
What do you guys like?? Smooth or hairy?? Post your comments. I'd like to know!


Hey everyone... Always on the lookout for really great blogs. Please feel free to leave your web page addresses in the comments section so I can look 'em up! Like all kinds of stuff... helps to cut the boredom and see what everyone is up to all around the world.
Try and keep it semi-clean... we all like to get a little dirty now and then though...

Do your squats!!

Here's some incentive to keep you doing your squats at the gym! You can get an ass like this! Damn!! Double damn!!

Mystery Gay Place of the Day!

Okay... thought I might try a new category... 'Mystery Gay Place of the Day!'. See if you can identify the landmark or what gay destination it can be found at! I think this one might be real easy...

Hot Assets!

Here's your hot asset picture for today. I think it's a little more Asset for the buck on this one! I wonder where the blue guy's face is??

George Dubya (dumbass) Bush

Well this just in!!! George W Bush, yes... the one running our country at this very moment (Help us please!) Is scheduled to undergo a routine colonoscopy. While this is happening... Dick Cheney (the vice president... What? You didn't know we had one??) is to become president temporarily during the two and a half hour procedure. We can only hope he doesn't shoot anyone else and that the doctors forget to sedate 'Dubya' during the procedure! Maybe then Georgie will actually feel like what it is to get it up the ass!

Hey all you muggles...

Tonight at 12:01 am, everyone will be able to officially find out what the heck happens to the all grown up wizard of wizards! The newest Harry Potter book goes onsale and maybe now we can get back to real life and more noble causes! Although I do enjoy the series, I didn't care very much for the current movie out in theaters. Maybe I'm just a kid at heart (A few years older... *ahem*) but I think the magic is less and less and focusing more on the life lessons of the series. All good I guess...

What do you all think about the newest movie and book? Any predictions before tonight on who gets it in the end??

Mystery Hunk of the Day... Part 2

Just because it's Friday and my brain has checked out for the weekend before my work day has ended! Ended up going on a casino cruise out of Boston last night. It didn't get back in until 2 AM... *YAWWWWWN* Needless to say... RED BULL! or dark chocolate M&M's... very dangerous!

Post your comment if you know who this one is. I know the prior one was kind of easy, but you just want to eat him up! Yum!


For those of you keeping up with Big Brother 8 this summer, our gay boy Joe was evicted from the house last night! Was he getting on anyone else's nerves or was it just mine??!!


She should get used to black & white stripes or an orange one piece! Apparently CNN is reporting Lindsay Lohan turned herself in to police Thursday. She was escorted in Los Angeles to the police station with her lawyer and booked! These party girls are getting picked off one by one. Nicole Richie is set for her hearing in August!

Mystery Hunk of the Day!

Who is today's 'Mystery Hunk of the Day'? Post your comment!


I found this a few weeks ago on

It's a posting the paparazzi shot of my best friend escorting none other than Miss Christine Ebersole, star of 'Grey Gardens' now playing on broadway. He is the press agent and celebrity extrodinaire of NYC for Grey Gardens. I found it amusing they were calling him assistant #1.

Might be of Interest to You!

Here are a few sites that I think are really cool and read everyday! Check them out...

My New Favorite Best Friend!

I want to spend just one day on the D-List with Kathy!! I've recently discovered her show on Bravo 'My life on the D-List', if you are familiar with her brand of humor you'll know she is insanely raunchy and loves her GAYS!! You go girl! 3 snaps!
Kathy played at Hampton Beach Casino this past Sunday night. I would have gone if not for a prior engagement! Couldn't she have checked with me first?!

As if no one knows by now that the ALL TIME FAVORITE girls of Manhattan will be reprising their 'Sex and the City' roles for the big screen! the only thing better would be to have sex while watching the movie! Move over Samantha!

I like the colors... (Just the colors??)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


For those of you ladies & gents into physical activities... check out It's a workout! This picture is courtesy of the new campaign to get Londoners to visit Paris!

Comments anyone??

Cute Assets!

I'm dreaming of...


Carnival is coming this August!

Hunk of the Day!