Friday, May 30, 2008

Or Canada...

Never been to Canada... And am trying to plan a trip... Any of you bloggrs out there have a suggestion??? or a couch??? I cook REALLY well and uhm... easy on the eyes too!! LOL!! anyway....

Open Invitation

Okay... from the Best Little Gay Space... We need to report from Australia!!!! We are shamelessly soliciting a place to stay when we get there. Can anyone help me out????? We are cute, hot and sexzzzzzzy!! Will do light chores... okay... will mow lawn too!! Help... lets make friends!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh yeah... I forgot....

Here's your stud for Thursday... Kick a cold one back tonight!! Okay... I've spent WAAAAAAY more time distracted from my homework than I should have... All for you bitches! Love ya Allllllll!!!!!!! Nighty Night!

Bored at WORK??!!

Seriously... You can really have one of these pups built for your private flights around the world! Paris would be sooooo jealous!

Uhm...... Yeah, may the force be with you... well actually... i think there's a little more pushing going on there... I'm just saying.

Your grandmother would be proud to get an Easter lilly in this from you!!!!!

Uhm... SUPER cool lights in my house for all my parties?????????

Do not... I repeat... Do not FUCK with this broad if you know whats good for you!

Cool nice tall drink of something... yeah... water!!!!!!!!!!Admit it... sometimes you just need a break! This is one of my favorite sites I visit everyday. It's chock full of gadgets, gizmos, uber cool things, and stuff you didn't think you could live without! Seriously, check out LIKECOOL! The pics above are just a sampling of things that you might find there. Cool art stuff too!

Whats playin' on YOUR ipod right now???