Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

Well... let's hope not! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Safe Holiday Travel!

Hello All! Make sure everyone travels safe this holiday week... remember... "ARRIVE ALIVE" and please be courteous to all fellow travellers, unless of course, they deserve a BIG smack in the back of the head for drooling on your shoulder in flight!!
And Watch that drinking and driving... if you get caught... you deserve it! If you are flying, try checking in a little earlier than usual due to long lines and BE NICE to the Airport Staff. They want to get your late, cranky asses out of thier airport as soon as possible too!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

M-I-C... K-E-Y.... M-O-U-S-E!!!!!!!!!!

I've done it! Going to Orlando! This February! Booked it today... well actually my friend Chuck did... but paying him back (WOOF) It will be a VERY nice break between semesters this winter to collect our thoughts since we are both in college! My dad lives there with his boyfriend (gay , you say?) HELL YAAAAAA!!! does an egg boil???!!! Anyway... Look out Disney... Here Chuck and I come!


Tis the season and Ho Ho Ho... guys... seriously... if you think you might have an addiction of any kind, some one can help!.... You can fight it.. it is really tough... addictions of any kind. Call me 'll help! Drop an email to our mailbox.

YEEEEE Hawwwwww!

Just because We might need a little rough ride to take our minds off of life!


Thought something fabulous might get you all in the holiday spirit!!

Once Again... Teachers Pet!

Once Again... I was one of only TWO IN THE CLASS (IT 100) that scored 100 on the last assignment this past week in my college class! Out of 20 students.... I am PSYCHED!!!!!

Love is a powerful thing!

Never forget... when you love someone... you give them a piece of you heart and soul. Sometimes it might not be the part we really wanted to give... but maybe it was the only part that was really free. You see... sometimes we try to give our fullest attempt possible at loving someone, but then we realize that we forgot to unlock the one very special part we really did want to share. So in turn... we might end up giving the wrong piece... and that could end up being the most right piece of all... even though it feels like your heart has sank to the deepest depths of the ocean...

Peace you all
Happy Thanksgiving!