Friday, November 17, 2006

Teachers Pet! Purrrrrrrrrr!

Well I am pretty excited that I got another "A" on my first test in Info Technology class last night (I've been going to college nights since September...)
The teacher told me I was the highest grade for this test, which almost the whole class failed!! Not to mention I aced my first course Human Relations in Organizations!! 4.0 grade average so far!!! This has been an eye opening experience so far... especially not being in school for at least 15 years after high school! But we are GONNA do it and get that degree!! It's gotta be good for something... right?!

Hunks of the Day! Happy Friday!

I know I've been filling you all up on hunks this week... (not that you're complaining...) but haven't had much time for anything else... just trying to keep you all pleased... (in any way possible :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hunk of the Day!

I'm not quite sure who he is... but THIS one is a real hunk for today! He is also the author of this SUPER Canadian web blog I discovered this morning. Great site... and more hotties there too! WOOF!! Double WOOF!! Please check the site out!

I wanna dance with somebody!

How about the TAX COLLECTOR!!

It seems as though the diminishing diva is set to lose her New Jersey mansion unless she strikes up a deal to pay the more than 1 million in taxes owed for the last year! Girl had better get movin' on a new album to rake in some cash!! Poor Whitney! Doesn't she know all the guys are waiting for another round of her dance floor remixed hits??!! Or maybe get out something NEW!! Don't screw with her Mister Tax Man!! Who wants to put her up for a few nights??!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And... Just to catch up... Yesterday's "Hunk of the Day!"

Can you guess who it is??

Cause' we know you like it ROUGH!!

Here's todays "Hunk of the Day". I've been busy with school and tests but don't worry... more to come!