Friday, August 03, 2007

New York, New York!!!

Here's some information on the stages of Broadway for Friday! This information comes from over at Joe My God. Some great information on your favorite shows now playing!

You have the right to remain silent... and spread those legs!!

Yes officers!! I REALLY WAS SPEEDING!! And... I'm RESISTING arresst!!

Mindless Friday Afternoon Hunky Pleasure!!

He is one of my favorite hotties from Big Brother:Season 8 this summer! Nick... Nick... rhymes with ???? I'll let you figure that one out... But I can give you a hint! I like lots of it!! Hmmmm what is it?? Anyway... you can catch up on episode info here... or check out kenneth in the 212 who is responsible for bringing this hottie to my attnetion. Can you guys pick out which one is the Manhunt profile pic??? We know what you do Nick... We know what you do stud!

In this HOT Weather...

Make sure you remember your faithful furry friends in this hot weather!! (I'm not talking about the trick you picked up last night!!) With the hot weather in the Boston area today... remember your pets and make sure they have adequate shelter and shade and plenty of water!! Click the link for more information from the ASPCA!!

Leather Events from Damron Travel Guide!!

Don't worry... I didn't forget about all the hot laether guys out there too!! RUFF!! Check out gay leather events going on around the world from Damron Travel guide for August!!

Damron's Travel Guide: Events for August!

Here's a listing of gay events happening around the country and world for August from Damrons Gay Travel guide... Check out their bookstore too... for all your gay travel needs and information!!

Just Because...

You can never get enough of Chris Evans!!

Happy Hour!!

Drop a comment and let me know some of your favorite summer drinks!!

Fridays Sound Byte!!

Okay... Let's kick it up a notch for today's sound byte because... It's the WEEKEND!! This album I love... it's a little older and has deep dark sultry, almost a little gritty sounding music they might play at your hometown Eagle! Picture lot's of buzz cuts, leather everything and make sure you say... YES SIR!! Whatever you want SIR!! Check out Centaur Music here...

Friday Morning News!!

It's going to be a scorcher here in the Boston area today!! Time to keep cool and hit the beaches if you can get away!! Of course... some of you like it real hot!! Here are a few tidbits you might be interested in...

Don't forget about the tax free holiday weekend in Massachusetts August 11 & 12th!

Elton John's answer to saving music today... shut down the internet!!

Louis Vuitton will no longer lend Lindsay Lohan clothes or use her in an upcoming ad campaign!!

Keep up to date with the Minneapolis bridge collapse tragedy... death toll now at 5!! Luckily none of my dear friends who work in downtown Minneapolis were affected!!

Chicago's HOTTESTS weiners!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I just love these!!

Here's a hottie from Castro Confidentials daily five o'clock shadow line up!! If you want to see more... go here and check it out!! All I can say is... WOOF!!

Sound Byte Part 2!!

This album is a 2 disc set and makes you feel like your enjoying a nice espresso, in a side street cafe, watching the sights in Europe!!

Thursday's Sound Byte!

This is one of my favorites! I believe she's from Brazil and sounds like a tropical paradise as you sip tall frozen fruity drinks on the beach!!

Just TRAGIC!!!

This is a very sad story out of Minneapolis this morning! One of the main roads into downtown Minneapolis, 35W, collapsed in rush hour traffic last night. The number of people dead was lowered from 7 to 3... but officials expect it to rise again once cars submerged in the Mississippi River under the debris are recovered. I lived in Minneapolis for 10 years and traveled 35W every morning and night from home. It's very scary to think and hear about this!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Provincetown Carnival!

Are you going to Carnival week in Provincetown?? It's August 11 - 19th, and the theme this year is Fairy Tales! You can order tickets or check out the event list for the week here! Judy Tenuta is headlining the closing party concert on the 18th and is the Parades grand marshall! Crazy, Crazy week!! My personal favorite is the boat cruise on Tuesday night.

Sound Byte Part 2!!

For those of you who liked Cassandra Wilson's Travelling Miles... (shout out to ShirleyHeezgay!) You might enjoy this other gem of a singer Lizz Wright. Her album Salt was a very good CD!

Mystery Gay Place of the Day!!

Where is todays Mystery Gay Place of the Day located??

Cool things: ipod tricks and gadgets...

Here's a site that you can find cool things to do with your ipod... maybe the hot gym bunny flexing his pecs next to you will finally take notice at the gym!

Madge's New Music!

Here's some info on Madonna's new album. It gives a rundown on some of the songs and if they might make it onto her new album!

after the gym

Maybe this will get you to work out??

Christopher Meloni Shirtless!

Just because... need I say more??

Hey Studs... Wanna Take a Shower??

Have a $100,000 dollars to burn... check out this luxury shower that might put your significant other out of commission! It's soooo good it's almost like cheating!!

MMMmmmm Watermelon!!

Nothing says summer like juicy watermelon!! Check out these delicious recipes from MSN!!

Wednesday's Sound Byte!

Smooth... Silky... Sweet! Check it out here!!

Wednesday News Tidbits!

It's a hot summer day in the Boston area today! Highs in the 90's... Here are some news tidbits you might be interested in...

Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives is having seperation anxiety from her new babies!

If you live in the Boston area... be sure to wear your bug spray!

This is ONE RICH GUY!!!

Castro Confidential's picks for the new gay couple on Wisteria Lane... I do agree very strongly!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Get Desperate!!

Desperate Housewives will be adding a gay couple this coming season to Wisteria Lane!! It'a about time since the whole show reeks GAY!! The premise is going to center around one of the guys having a huge friction clash with Susan.

Monday News...

Hello all... It's an overcast humid Monday morning in the Boston area today. Sounds like we'll be stuck in this weather pattern for a few days! Here are a few news tidbits you might be interested in:

Ingmar Bergman dies, another great film director lost...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is visiting our country!

Steve Martin gets married in surprise ceremony!

If you get arrested... make sure it's in Mexico!!

catch you later!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Afternoon...

Happy Sunday!

Sorry for not posting much today... I was at a party last night and had a little too much fun. Let's just say... Not moving real fast today!! Kinda feel like death warmed over but well enough to lay in the sun and do absolutley nothing! I will be back tonight or tomorrow full steam ahead... until then... Have a great day!