Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Russian President a SEX SYMBOL??

Check out this story about Russian President Putin and his recent fishing trip in which he bares most of his torso for the public!

Some tagteam action

Fall Colors!!

Looking for a great place to see fall foliage, hike, bike or boat this autumn? How about great, fun guys and a nice roaring campfire on a cool fall evening? Look no further than the Deerfield Mens Campground in Deerfield New Hampshire. Just an hour and 15 minutes North of Boston. Great hosts!! It's a small intimate setting on a nature preserve, complete with main house for evening wine socials and large yard with beautiful gardens... but enough wilderness to keep you cozy. Continental breakfast and Hearty dinners are included... and so is the fun for free!! Tents are provided and bathrooms in main house are available for personal use. It's private so please leave your information in the comments section or send an email to for further information. You'll want to come back again!

It's Thursday!

It's a gray overcast, chilly 60 degrees in the Boston area today. Boy am I glad I was on vacation last week and not this one! The weather isn't helping my post vacation funk I've been in the last few days. I feel like I lost a best friend or something... actually my BF and I have been quits for the last 4 weeks even though we went to P-Town together, which went surprisingly well. We had a great time and a lot of fun together and apart, although now all our obligations planned together are done... it's time to move on I guess. There are other fish in the sea... Right?

What do you guys do to move on? Any suggestions? Not that it's real hard... but those few moments when you realize someone is not there. Hobbies...

Here's a few news tidbits you might be interested in:

The wonderful place I stayed in P-Town last week!

Photo's from last weeks 2007 Carnival parade

Just because you should look great if you're caught with your pants down...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A few candid shots from vacation!

Dolly Parton... eat your heart out!!!

Which one should I pick?????????? I'll take them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!!
The goddess herself... Judy Tenuta, the Carnival parades' Grand Marshall for the day (sorry about the chain in front!)

I'm about to become a playtoy for a group of "BEARS" in the woods!!
Here's a few pics from my trip to Provincetown! Some great friends along for the week. I'm the one in the shirt with "ATTENTION-CHOCKING HAZZARD!" ... ahem...

Back from Heaven!!

Well I'm back from Provincetown and what a time it was. Lot's of fun in the sun and under the moon! Guys, Guys, Guys!! Here's a few hotties to keep you until tomorrow when I will resume regular posts. Just been trying to catch up the last few days with reality! Not always an easy thing. Take care for the night!