Saturday, May 24, 2008

Statistics HELL!!!!!!

Oh my!!! I think my "probability" of finishing this statistics homework today is 99.99999999% chance of NOT happening!!!! UGH!!!! Sorry guys! Just wanted to say a quick hi... I'll try to get back with some Saturday night fun later!! Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Night!!!!

No need to tell you what all to do tonight... you get the picture!! Any one of the above guys or any of you out there that care to come help me with statistics homework tonight... please let me know!! Okay, everyone... lets not all rush at once!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Now if I can get a couple of these guys to come wish me Happy Birthday today... the world will be right! Sorry if I repeated a few of these pics again... but they are just too hot not to do so!! And I'm still waiting for one to show up!

Random Image Search....

I typed in "pucker hole" and this is what I got! Not that I'm complaining, Looks like maybe they have a few pucker issues to resolve!

Queen for a Day!

So my trip to gay Disney is coming up! Two weeks from tomorrow! I can't freakin wait! The best part is the huge party at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon... Thousands of almost naked men, water, booze, water, naked men... oh and DARK at night, uhm, dressing cabana turned faux bath house after 11 pm.... you get the picture!!

A Little Self Promotion....

Today is my birthday! Yes folks... another year has come and gone! Reflection and the will to go on towards the light. We keep trying to figure out what the hell it is we are doing here! I'm not sure if I totally know yet but I'm having fun figuring it out! Just not as much fun with the statistics class I'm in right now!! Quick!! Blow out MY candle!! Love you all and thanks to those who do stop by now and then!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Are these soldiers trying to send a message??? Are they low on supplies??? Spell it out boys!!!

No Need to Wrap It Up!!!

I'll take it just like it comes... hot, hhairy and hunky!!!

So Spank Me!!!

Hello all... Line up and give it to me good!! Seriously... spank me! I' haven't been posting much for a while. I took a break and since my MIS department figured out their jobs finally... I haven't been able to post to Blogger from work. They filtered it out as a restricted site! Go figure! I don't really even show the full monty(well maybe one almost, visible woody!) But still... I think they liked it anyway! I promise to come back and give you the GAY you love to see!!! Okay... I'll try (insert smiley face here...)