Friday, September 28, 2007


Here's Heroe's star Milo Ventimiglia in a hot shot for the new season of Heroe's. He can rescue me anyday!!

If you have to go to PRISON!!

Make sure you get to share your jail cell with this hottie, Dominic Purcell of "Prison Break". Everyone makes a big deal about his co-star Wentworth Miller, but I personally think Dominic is much sexxxier than little ol' Wentie! Who do you think is sexier???

And here's little ol' Wentie below!!

Friday Afternoon Fluff!

Wish I was this puppy right now! Dogs get away with soooo much!

This guy can take me for a ride ANY DAY!!! I'll sit in his basket!

Some days it just doesn't pay to try and get out of bed!!
This guy has nothing to do with dogs! But I think he really knows how to use that drill!!!

A Little Bit of Jake Gyllenhaal...



What Color Is It???

For all you guys out there who want a little something different at your next dinner party... why not dazzle your guests with something a little different! Check out this nifty site which can help them wipe their tushy with something a little different! Colored toilet paper!!! Very uber cool stuff they sell... check it out! They'll come back just to use your bathroom!!

What Are You...

Going to be for Halloween??? Have you any thoughts yet as to what your costume will be this year? It will be here before you know it.

Got a light??? I need a cigarette!!!

Also... I had the most super hot sex last night!!! It was beyond words... OH MY GOD! Very needed, especially after 4 hours of algebra homework!! Anyone else interested?? I have more homework tonight (wink wink)!


So tomorrow night, cause' I know you are all wondering, I'm going with some friends to see the Broadway show "Wicked", which is on tour right now in Boston.

I've seen it a few times already but it always seems like my first time no matter how many times I see it. I saw the original on Broadway with Idina Menzel as Elphaba, the wicked witch. Just cause' you were wondering...

You're KILLING ME!!!!

Who wouldn't love one of these hunky guys embalming you for perpetual slumber??!! If you are just DYING to.... Check out "Men of Mortuaries" benefit calender. It's for a good cause... AND... they're not bad to look at too... even if your DEAD!


Here's a couple of pics you might have seen by now... But still!! The DUDES HOT!!! Former Desperate Housewives hunk, Jesse Metcalfe, takes out the trash!

Provincetown - Mates Leather & Fetish Weekend!

Once again... It's the weekend where anyone who has any kind of fetish fantasy converges on the quaint seaside town! From leather to latex, whatever your desire I'm sure you can get it somewhere in Provincetown this weekend. For more information check it out here...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sound Byte!

This is from one of my favorite circuit DJ's... Abel. (Pictured above...GRRRRR!!!) This disc set is from one of his highly popular Alegria dance events. You can check it out here...

Random Afternoon Hotness!!

For your afternoon slump! WAKE UP!!

He is Bringing Sexxxy Back!!

Last night Justin Timberlake gave some lucky fans at Arco Arena in Sacramento, more than their tickets worth!! He took his shirt off on his last night of his concert tour! Oh Justin! You tease... you!

Blogs to Check Out!

Just a mention to "ShirlyHeezgay!", a blog I check out daily... he's funny and got some great pictures to peruse if you're so in need of some eye candy! He posted this one this morning and it gets me all hot and bothered!! Check out the site here... you won't be dissapointed! I love his late night drunk weekend ramblings! It's almost like reading something I woulfd have written, if I could only type as well that drunk!


Okay... so I've been on a long hiatus, which has been due to the amount of school work I have with my two classes. This in addition to a 40+ hour work week, late homework nights... UGH!! It's killing me. Occasionally sneaking in some random fun! Here's a couple hotties to tide you over for now...