Saturday, July 28, 2007


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Summer Heatwave!

Here's a few pics for Saturday to tide you over! Sorry for the short posting... BBQ today and the weekend, ya know how that goes! Hopefully post some more this evening... but until then... enjoy these! Oh yeah... and It's a hazy, humid overcast thunderstormy kinda day today! Let's get soaking wet!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Something Beautiful!

OMG!! he is BEAUTIFUL! And if you think that is the case... check out our new friend... Just Beautiful website!

History in the making...

Just because we are the gay space here... I thought we should give a little background on some gay history! Here's a little snippet from Congressman Barney Frank whom I've had the pleasure of sharing time with at the Boatslip in Provincetown!

Are you PROUD??

Just in case you want to shout out your pride from the mountain tops, here's everywhere in the world you can do it! Here's a listing of pride events around the world!

Wrestling Fitness Model Michael Crowe

Here's another cause' I'm in a good mood today!

Stripsearch Guys Dancing In Thongs

Just because...

Not Such a Simple Life...

Nicole Ritchie has been senteneced today in her DUI case, according to CNN. She has been sentenced up to 90 hours in jail! Maybe she can borrow the orange jumpsuit Paris wore!

Start Spreadin' The News...

Here's some news from NYC on Broadway from Joe My God. I especially like the tidbit about Hugh Jackman possibly being considered for one of the leads in a stage version of 'Brokeback Mountain'! Where do I get TICKETS???

Have you been kidnapped by TERORRISTS??

Getting yourself kidnapped by terrorists is becoming more and more of a reality in this day and age! In case you ever find yourself in this kind of a situation... here's what to do to have a better chance at surviving!

Friday's Sound Byte!!

Not only can he box... He's a decent singer too! I like this album!

Check it out here!

Friday Fluff!

It's FRIDAY!!!!!

Good morning everyone... Another bright, sunny humid day in the Boston area today! A little late in posting this morning due to an unforseen circumstance of getting locked out of the house! Damn dogs! Here's some news of interest!

Because you haven't heard enough about Lindsay Lohan yet...

Never really did trust the Feds!!

Masachusetts residents get a chance to go tax free for two days on August 11 & 12!!

Ireland promises to follow up giving same sex couples the same benefits as heterosexual couples!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Looks like Kathy Griffin is talking bad about Barbara Walters... which is very bad because she was in the running to fill the empty spot on the daytime show The View! According to Perez Hilton's website she is apparently out of the running now! I hope she doesn't want to stay on the D-List forever!

Webcam Flexing Showin Biceps and chest

Here's another stud flexing on webcam for us! Enjoy!

You Light Up My Life!!

Just because us gay guys LOVE our candles... wether you're setting a mood, lending ambience to a dinner party... or just snuggling with someone special by candlelight... Check out this company Mathmos which sells this nifty ice candle! You freeze the mold then pop it on and watch it magically melt with illuminating wonder and awe! Then you freeze it all over again! COOL!!

Open Forum!

Anyone want to discuss some hot topics such In the news right now? I am curious to other opinions out there! Or anything else that's on your minds for that matter. Here's a few topics:

-NBC's decision to hire Isaiah Washington for the Bionic Woman remake (I totally think everyone is entitled to a second opinion... but still up in the air about this one.)

-Fort Lauderdales Mayor Jim Naugle blaming gay men for the problem of sex in public toilets and parks around the city (I think this guy is a froot loop, I mean, yeah... sometimes a little tea room action is great, but come on... DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL HIM HE'S THE MAYOR OF FT. LAUDERDALE???)

-Thoughts on the movie 'Chuck & Larry', starring Kevin James and Adam Sandler (Haven't see it yet...)

-The Democratic You Tube debate (Just let me know who won...)

-The moral issue of nursing homes issuing condoms to residents who want to engage in frolic! (If they want it... they aren't dead yet...)
What are your comments??

Today's Mystery Gay Place of the Day!

Okay... Where is this relaxing little gay spot from?? If you've been there... You'll know! Post your comments!

Today's Mystery Hunk of the Day!

Okay... this one is just too hunky not to post! I gotta get more challenging ones!!

If I were a lesbian...

Okay... this was only because I was asked during a conversation over martini's... Maybe I was five too many into the conversation but NOT that I would consider it... my friend asked me who I thought, IF I was a lesbian... I would totally do! This category is only because she asked... and quite frankly, it's interesting to me to think that I might actually dig Suzane!
If you ever get the chance to see her show, it's a riot! Check more info here!

Thursday's Sound Byte!

I stumbled across this gem of an album a little while back and recently re-discovered it in my collection! Sometimes it's good to browse through and see whats out there. It's a great jazzy, funky album and Sophie has a wonderful voice. Check out her music here!

Thursday Morning News...

Hello all... It's a bright sunny day in the Boston area this morning! Going to be a hot one today in the 90's! I just hope this weather continues for my vacation to P-town in two weeks! Hope everyone's week is going well so far! Here are a few tidbits of news this morning that might be of interest to you. Oh and I guess I should say judging by some of the comments... the views expressed on this website are not necessarily shared by all. Let's just keep that in mind. It's great everyone has an opinion! That's the fun thing about it! Now on with the news!

Shake, rattle and roll... Earthquake shakes Eastern Indonesia!

Something to pull at your heartstrings this morning! Love your four legged friends!

They have finally done it for their circus friends in captivity!! The revolt has begun!

What did we learn from the others before?? Tour de France??

Just a tragedy BEYOND unspeakable horror! I hope they hang these guys!

Something a little International... perhaps the Queen will join you??

Very cool... Very Very COOL!!!

A little summer BLOOM from Andy over at Towleroad!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'll Tumble 4 ya...

No... It's not Boy George!! It's none other than Beyonce tripping down a set of stairs during her concert set. She looks okay and keeps right on going despite it's nasty appearance. You go girl!

For you fetish freaks!

Including me... Head on over to JockStrap Central for everything jockstrap! I kid you not! If you can't find it there... well... wear nothing then! Not to mention all the great pics they have... and a few naughty ones!

Castro Confidential Rocks!

I LOVE checking out Castro Confidential's Five O'clock shadows! Nice to see some scruff in the afternoon! If you like this one... go over and check the site out. more scruffy hotties where that came from... But you gotta go there! Thanks Castro!

What makes you HAPPY??

Everyone has their own thing that makes them happy in life. Here's an interesting article from MSN on 7 Ways to buy Happiness. Not that you necessarily have to buy happiness but some think so... What do you think? What makes some of you all happy?? Leave a comment!

Mystery Hunk of the Day!

I know this is probably an easy one today... but he's just sooooo damn hot! Who is it?? Leave your comments!

Was bound to happen sooner or later!

The movie Priscillia: Queen of the Desert has been turned into a stage show and been enjoying a great run in Australia! It is rumored they are trying to bring it from down under to the Big White Way here in NYC!

Just to tide you over...

Lucky Lucky Fergie!!!

Tech test

Technorati Profile

Madonna graces the cover of the new Dutch magazine called "Diva" in their July / August issue! Courtesy of the

Rupert Everett Rules out Gay Adoption

Gay filmstar Rupert Everett adds his two cents to the ever ongoing debate over gay adoption. It might surprise you to know he is pretty much against gay adoption, citing the difficulties a child will experience with "two daddies". You can check out the rest of the article here at Star Pulse!

Wednesday's Sound Byte!!

I absolutely LOVE miguel Migs!! Super jazzy loungy sound. It will definitely get your party groovin with energy!! Check all of his albums out on amazon!

This is his new album. Do any of you have any great albums or artists you'd like to share??? Post your comments and let me know! I'm always looking for great lounge and jazz, well pretty much anything!!

Of Interest To You!

Here's some news tidbits that might be of interest this morning!

Bus passengers in New England exposed to TB... YIKES!!

Now you CAN have your nuts and EAT them TOO!!!!

I heard someone suggest that Paris, Britney, Nicole AND Lindsay all need an island away from all of us, by themselves!!

Okay... Maybe Britney just needs a planet of her own!! Page Six reports!

Our Beloved Tammy Faye!

Here's an interesting article from MSN this morning on what exactly they think makes Tammy Faye Messner a gay icon... very interesting... check it out!

Good morning!

It's a bright, beautiful sunny day in the Boston area today! High's will be around high 80's to possible low 90's! What are you guys waking up to this morning?? Let me know!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday evening mint on your pillow!

Here's a little something to tuck you in with this evening... and oh... It was pointed out on the Mystery Pics of the day, if you click the picture to enlarge... It gives the name of the subject! OOOPS!! I'm kinda new at this so there might be a few technical difficulties along the way. I think it's going pretty great so far. If there's anything you all would like to see on here... drop a comment and let me know. Even to say hi and where your from!!

Are you on the D-List??

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means!! It's a new episode on Bravo tonight of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List! I love that show. She always cracks me up! You gotta give it to the celebrities who DO realize that a HUGE part of their fan base IS GAY!! And we help them excel in their careers!! Check your local listings for times...

You got Hijacked!!

Were you one of the lucky ones to get Apple's new iphone a few weeks ago... or since then for that matter? Be careful what websites you visit. Hackers that hack computers could have the same effect on your iphone, much like the same way hackers hijack home computers to send malicious spam or viruses. The Edge Provincetown has a feature detailing the article on this possible problem with iphone... follow this link!

Bionic man a reality??

As if the Six Million Dollar Man wasn't cute enough... Check out this link to CNN's report on a n Iraq veteran who is getting used to his NEW bionic hand. Watch out... the future is creeping up on us! Pretty soon we won't know who's real and who's not... But we kinda already know Victoria Beckham is a fembot!!

Uhm... Good or Bad??

If this can stop the spread by malicious intent, which seems to be happening more frequently everywhere... I guess it's a good thing. Click the link to read the article about lawmakers in Indonesia's Papua. They are mulling the selective use of chip implants in HIV carriers to monitor their behaviour in a bid to keep them from infecting others, a doctor said Tuesday.

The Good Life!!

Looking for a great place to visit or better yet... Retire?? Check out these nifty destinations that really pack a savings on the retirement pocketbook!!