Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drink up that....

HOLIDAY CHEER!!! How come this guy wasn't at my office Christmas party???


This is my baby... I affectionately call her "peanut girl"... not sure why... although on this day... she hadn't realized I already knew she had stolen the crackers off the cheese tray at the holiday party! We never found the wedge of brie either...

Oh I Almost Forgot... CELEBRATE!

I just realized that Best Little Gay Space reached over 16,000 hits today!!! Thank you to all who come to check things out. I'm not really sure what you are getting from this place but make yourself at home and check things out. I will try to bring things interesting and of course hot guys!! This school term is almost done for holiday break so hopefully I will have some time to add some cool things to BLGS! THANKS!!!!!!

Daddy Part 2...

On a cold winter day, snowing and blowing outside... pick one of these to keep you warm tonight!

Let It Snow!!!

Well... if we hadn't had enough snow in the Boston area so far... We are in the middle of an old fashioned Nor'Easter storm as us New Englanders like to call 'em! Snowing and blowing driting snow all over the place! This is like the 3rd stom in less than one week already! It's going to be a loooooong winter! As you can see in the first picture... even the ducks are huddled together to keep warm this morning!