Friday, August 10, 2007


Hello everyone... sorry about the technical difficulties, but if you were affected by the latest update from FREAKIN' Mcafee virus software... then you know what I'm talking about!! Pain in da butt!!! But on a lighter note... I'm off for vacation to Provincetown... I am hoping to post some while I am there, maybe some really cute guys that I encouter on the streets or who knows what... It'll be a surprise!! Until then... bear with me for next week! I will return on the 20th. I hope yo will all come back or explore the information and archives until then. Have a great week! Mike :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Technical Difficulty!

Experiencing technical dificulty today... will be back as soon as possible!! Thanks!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Muscled guys wrestling on the mat

Hump day fun!

Home Sweet Home!!

Looking for gay friendly mortgage lenders in your area?? Check out this nifty site where you can search by state...

Just because...

It's the Gay Space...

Playing Safe??

We all know it is very important to be safe in your relationships and in single life but sometimes things happen and if you think that you might have a sexually transmitted disease... get educated from the Center for Disease control (CDC). Here you can find all the information you need to know and they have toll free hotlines for further info on topics you might be concerned about. Be responsible and safe for others and yourself! You can also do a search on the Internet for information on your local health department testing sites!

Napa Valley Niceness!!

Here's some really cool Napa Valley information on places to visit while you're in town... Check them out here...

Need a FREE antibiotic your doctor prescribed??

Publix supermarket chain is now offering free prescription program for commonly prescribed antibiotics. The following can be filled for free with a doctors prescription at any publix pharmacy:

Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (SMZ-TMP)
Ciprofloxacin (excluding ciprofloxacin XR)
Penicillin VK
Ampicillin and
Erythromycin (excluding Ery-Tab).

Subways and Transit disrupted in NYC!!

As if NYC hasn't had enough problems recently... Flash flooding warnings were briefly issued in New York City and surrounding areas after a strong thunderstorm moved through around 7 a.m., dumping up to 3 inches of rain in less than an hour over Manhattan and western and central Long Island.
The extreme weather caused delays of up to an hour-and-a-half at JFK International Airport and at LaGuardia International Airport. Although some roads around LaGuardia were still flooded, the runways have not been affected, a Port Authority spokesman said. The flooding has disrupted service for commuter trains and the metro as well.
"Due to severe flooding throughout the subway system, there are extensive delays on all subway lines," said a statement from the Metro Transit Authority (MTA). "Customers are advised when at all possible to use bus service."

Apple Updates the iMac!!

Apple introduced its new iMac today... It's all new casing and streamlined look with glossy screens are sure to get die hard fans in a tizzy... check it out here...

Bam Bam & Celeste!!

In the first feature screenplay written by Margaret Cho, Cho stars alongside comedian Bruce Daniels as Bam Bam and Celeste, longtime friends and outcasts who leave their buttoned up Midwest town for the wide open streets of New York City. Alan Cumming, Jane Lynch, Elaine Hendrix, John Cho, Wilson Cruz and Kathy Najimy provide irresistibly spirited support in this small-town-to-downtown coming of age journey. In addition to playing the title role of Celeste, Cho also plays Mommy, the hysterically funny and touching impersonation of her own mother cherished by Cho's fans.

Today's Sound Byte!!

Here's Kate Bush!! You either love her or hate her... I love her. This brings me back to a very interesting time of my life. It was full of discovery and very interesting people!! You can check out more here...

Morning Jolt!

Prince Harry!!

Well... I do say this is pretty touched up but DAMN!! I wouldn't kick him out of the royal palace!!

Wednesdays News!!

Good morning everyone! It's a dreary rainy Wednesday morning in the Boston area today but that won't dampen our spirits today!! I feel like I need a Dunkin Donuts iced turbo espresso shot coffee this morning! But maybe some of these news tidbits will get you going....

Houston... We have a problem... well not yet at least!

And you thought a bad day at the golf course was STILL BETTER than a good day at work!!

A beautiful place if you want to go island hopping!

PBS's Victory Garden show hiring an Aussie stripper hunk as its host??

Why can't Britney just move to another country like Michael Jackson did??

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nightly Hunk!!

Well everyone... It's time to call it a night. Loved chatting with everyone today! To the guy who was interested in naked pics of Prince William & Harry... I almost found some... but you know how photoshop goes!! LOL! I have a feeling they weren't real, nice thought though! I hope you all have a safe and restful night and I'll be back tomorrow with a fresh batch of new and interesting things hopefully... oh ya... and some cuties too! I'm sure I'll be extra frisky considering it's hump day and I'm one more day closer to vacation on Friday! Night ya' all!

Small Town Gay Bar Movie

Featured at Sundance and winner of Best Documentary prizes at the Miami and Los Angeles gay film festivals, Gay Bar takes a revealing look at a facet of American queer life that is all but ignored by the mainstream media. You can get it here...

Firefighters Threaten Lawsuit over San Diego Pride Appearance!

Read the article on the four firefighters who are saying they were forced to participtae in the San Diego gay pride parade. They are threatening a lawsuit! They are claiming they were subjected to sexual taunts and humiliation on the parade route.

Mystery Gay Place of the Day!!

This might be an easy one today... post your guess!

Lunch Time!!

Try some of this for lunch!!

Caption Me This!!

This guy's boyfriend just told him... WHAT?? Leave your comments!

Billy pins down Steve: Wrestling Gay

Hmmmmm.... Thoughts??

Beach Reads...

Need some good reads for your time on the beach this summer? This is one of my favorite authors and I really enjoy all of his books. Michael Thomas Ford drives home some of his dry, funny wit in his earlier self chronicles of his queer life but comes through in this series of novels. Check him out at Michael Thomas Ford!

Tuesday's Sound Byte!!

Here's the soundtrack to Gay Day at Disney!! Who knew Mickey could get down soooooo Low!!

Hunks for today!!

Here we go.... Hold on tight!!

Can you tell what kind of mood I'm in today???

Need a Little Pick me up with that Coffee??

This should get the blood pumping this morning! It's Natonal Underwear Day today! So get out those pair of whatever floats your boat and show 'em off!! Be Proud!!


The picture above I snapped at sunset on Race Point Beach last year in P-Town! It's one of my favorite! I am one more day closer to Friday before vacation to Provincetown! I can't wait! A few friends of mine and I are staying at Dexters Inn in the center of town! Great place and great people! Just the week long event of carnival and doing whatever I feel like is enough to keep me daydreaming until Friday! Is anyone else going next week??? It's a hazy, overcast morning in the Boston area so far... High's are going to be high 70's - to low 80's. Here are a few morning news tidbits you might be interested in...

Keeping up to track on the Minneapolis bridge tragedy!

An earthquake causes another mine to collapse with workers inside in Utah...

And we thought it was just the creepy clown!!

Have you missed your flight??? This could be why...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Just beacuse...

We made it through Monday!! The week is just starting but I can't wait for Friday!! I will be leaving for the sacred lands of PROVINCETOWN!!!! It's the start of the weeklong carnival! For those of you who have been... you know how much fun and mischief there is to be had... for those of you who haven't been... you need to check it out! Check out any of the Provincetown links in the sidebars for more information.

Monday's Sound Byte Part 2!!

Check out this CD, Soulfuric! It's a sexy set of groovy loungy housy beats and some great vocals. This one will please! You can get it here....