Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This looks to be the cover of Janet's new album coming out. Welcome back... Miss Jackson!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bob The Builder???

Well it's not Bob the Builder... but... it is that hottie Clint Mauro from the Armani underwear campaign last summer. Clint hit the runway in Milan this past weekend, along with a few of his other "construction" buddies in helping show off the latest creations from Frankie Morello's construction-themed Fall/Winter '08 show. Look out BELOW!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Once Again... SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... I'm REALLY in the need of a warmer climate! Snow is coming tomorrow to the Boston/NH area for the umpteenth time in a month!! Over a FOOT is forecasted and it's going to be a Nor'Easter again! Can you tell I'm not happy?

Sean Ensign - Its My Life

I came across this hunky bit of beef on you tube this evening. Not only is he very easy on the eyes, his music isn't too bad either! You can check out my new husbands music and albums at or for you apple ituners... he's available for purchase there. Not sure about the gay status but his schedule on his website hits all the major gay prides and events around the country... I'll leave it up to you. check out this video above... his dance mixes kinda rock.

Down On The Farm...

The hot ranch hands like to do what in their spare time around the ranch?????

Madonna "Sorry"

Madonna "Sorry"... just because this song is one of my favorites to date!