Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Resources...

Please be sure to scroll down and check out the ever growing listings of sites in the sidebar. We've added some fantastic sites with valuable resources for our community!

You can:

-Take a trip to P-town without leaving your home! Click on the link for Spiritus Pizza and view life there through the webcam!

-Stop being a victim of domestic violence or help those who need to escape the cycle by checking out the Gay Mens Domestic Violence Project link. find out how you can help!

-Check out the Edge link... abundance of information on everything gay in New England from A to Z!

More to come!

Mystery Hunk of the Day!

Good Morning everyone! It's a beautiful, sunny day in New england today! Although it usually means my allergies are going to sky rocket today, we'll be a jittery over medicated bitch!

So we DEFINITELY need a hunk of the day pic!

How bout it?? Now come on... I'm giving you guys all a big head start with this one.... clues clues clues!

Drop a comment and let us know!

More to come!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gay joke of the day!

There were these two friends, one who was gay, who died in a horrible car accident. They both went to heaven and were standing at the pearly gates when St. Peter met them. St. Peter asked the first man for a picture of his wife. After looking at the picture, St. Peter asked him if he had ever cheated on her. The man replied, "I was unfaithful to my wife one time."St. Peter decided to give the man a station-wagon for him to drive around heaven.Now it was the second man's turn.St. Peter asked him for a picture of his wife and then asked if he had ever cheated on her.The man replied, "Actually I'm gay, but here's a picture of my lover, and I never cheated on him."St. Peter was very impressed and decided to give the man a Ferrari to drive around heaven.After a few months in heaven, the two friends met up with each other. The second man was bragging about his Ferrari when the other turned to him and said, "I wouldn't be bragging if I were you. I just saw your lover on a skateboard."

Madonna causing a commotion ... AGAIN!

The divine MISS 'M' is once again pushing the religious hot buttons! It seems at one point during the Confessions Tour, Madonna descends on a disco mirrored cross, crucified just like Jesus. She even has a crown of thorns on her head.

Some of the religious right wings are blasting her, saying she should knock off her Jesus bashing.

Do they REALLY think thats going to make her take it out of the show?? Come on guys... They ACTUALLY crucified Jesus for real... Did that stop him??

Rock on MADGE! We love it!

Group Attacks Anti-Gay Protesters At Marine's Funeral

SEAFORD, Del. -- Five people in Delaware face criminal charges after clashing with members of a Topeka church protesting the weekend funeral of a Marine killed in Iraq.
Police stood between the protesters and counter-demonstrators, some of whom tossed eggs, stones and water bottles at the picketers from Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church. The church believes U.S. casualties in Iraq are God's retribution for America's support of homosexuality.
The church members were greeted by about 1,000 people Sunday outside the funeral of Marine Corp. Cory Palmer, who died earlier this month from injuries suffered in Iraq.
One of the five was charged with assault while the others were cited for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.
Despite the trouble, police said area residents showed "good restraint." Church members plan to return to Seaford on Wednesday to picket the funeral of another Marine killed in Iraq.

Crazy Drag Queen Picture of the Day!

Here's your Crazy Drag Queen Pic of the Day!

If you have some you'd like to submit... click our email link and send them on. We'll publish them for all to see! Get your 15 minutes of fame at the Gay Space!



Wanna go somewhere?? Check out Southwest Airlines to see if they service your area of the country!

Great company, great people, great service!

Check 'em out at

(the Best Little Gay Space is in no way affiliated with Southwest Airlines. The company logo are sole trademarks of Southwest Airlines... we just promote them 'cause we LOVE THEM!)


Please check out the new link to PFLAG.

This is a great guide for parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays! Everything you need to lend your support or donate to this wonderful organization can be found on the website. Just click the PFLAG banner in the sidebar and you'll get there! And you don't even need RUBY SLIPPERS!


Hello All!! I'm stuck in that Monday again mode... but it's actually TUESDAY! I had a vacation day yesterday in honor of my birthday on Sunday! Was a GREAT weekend! Sorry I didn't get to posting... but some of you know how it goes!

I wanted to share another great resource for all of you OUT there...

Check out

A great site to check out for telephone numbers for anything gay or gay friendly in the surrounding New England area. If I get some time today I will create a direct link to it under the link section. It comes in VERY handy.

So the DONALD fired both those bitches last night on the Apprentice! What a surprise... NOT! What were they thinking with those puffy sleeves???!!! OMG! Kudos to the gents. Great design... those Brits have... Hmmm... did anyone think a little too GAY?? Sean seemed like he had done it all before! Drop us a comment on who you think the final Apprentice should be.

Don't forget the final episode for American Idol is Wednesday. Drop a comment on your pick for the top idol.

More info to come!