Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Morning News...

Hello all... It's a bright sunny day in the Boston area this morning! Going to be a hot one today in the 90's! I just hope this weather continues for my vacation to P-town in two weeks! Hope everyone's week is going well so far! Here are a few tidbits of news this morning that might be of interest to you. Oh and I guess I should say judging by some of the comments... the views expressed on this website are not necessarily shared by all. Let's just keep that in mind. It's great everyone has an opinion! That's the fun thing about it! Now on with the news!

Shake, rattle and roll... Earthquake shakes Eastern Indonesia!

Something to pull at your heartstrings this morning! Love your four legged friends!

They have finally done it for their circus friends in captivity!! The revolt has begun!

What did we learn from the others before?? Tour de France??

Just a tragedy BEYOND unspeakable horror! I hope they hang these guys!

Something a little International... perhaps the Queen will join you??

Very cool... Very Very COOL!!!

A little summer BLOOM from Andy over at Towleroad!!

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