Thursday, July 26, 2007

Open Forum!

Anyone want to discuss some hot topics such In the news right now? I am curious to other opinions out there! Or anything else that's on your minds for that matter. Here's a few topics:

-NBC's decision to hire Isaiah Washington for the Bionic Woman remake (I totally think everyone is entitled to a second opinion... but still up in the air about this one.)

-Fort Lauderdales Mayor Jim Naugle blaming gay men for the problem of sex in public toilets and parks around the city (I think this guy is a froot loop, I mean, yeah... sometimes a little tea room action is great, but come on... DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL HIM HE'S THE MAYOR OF FT. LAUDERDALE???)

-Thoughts on the movie 'Chuck & Larry', starring Kevin James and Adam Sandler (Haven't see it yet...)

-The Democratic You Tube debate (Just let me know who won...)

-The moral issue of nursing homes issuing condoms to residents who want to engage in frolic! (If they want it... they aren't dead yet...)
What are your comments??

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