Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well here we go! Madonna kicks off her Confessions World Tour this weekend in Los Angeles! Wooo Hooo!

I guess it's in honor of my birthday which just happens to be the same day, May 21st! I hope she remembered my present!! Ya... I'm sure that was on the top of her head! If you haven't already... You might still be able to get tickets for the already grossly sold out tour. If you are around here in the Boston area... I think there still might be a few choice seats (at the cost of $350 a piece!) for the Monday July 9th show!

I tell you... can you never have too much money??!! I'd certainly like to try! A few friends and I forked over the dough for her July 6th show here in Boston. OUCH!! It still is SURE to be one of the hottest shows this Summer! It'll be worth it!

So we are still floating around here in the New England area in boats! What a mess! The sun is out today but the weather guys and ladies said that yesterday! and it ended up RAINING AGAIN alllllllll night! Did we piss somebody off upstairs??? Sorry God!

This Saturday night some friends of mine are having a party. I'd like to say it's for my B-Day but it just happens to be on the same weekend. I was thinking of going since nothing else exciting seems to be available (no... seriously it will be fun) They are kind of notorious for having certain sections of the party a "certain dress only" type thing... (athletic supporters only... if you know what I mean! And I don't mean playing sports!) I guess it could be fun if you get into that type of thing. Who knows... I might try and drag a few friends with me and see what happens.

So I am still experimenting with this blogger thing. If you come around... say hi and sign the guestbook!

You can always send us mail at too! I still havent figured out how to get the link into this damn page for that direct mail!

Hope everyone has a great day! If you are around the area here in Boston... Stay dry!

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