Friday, October 26, 2007


Well this is interesting... The last time I posted from work I was able to see my blogs page. Now when I try to pull it up... I get the restricted/denied from the corporate email sensor!! Who knew!! Is it that scandulous?? I must be doing something right! LOL! So it's a sunny chilly morning here in New Hampshire. Now that my last two classes are over I have some time to catch up on men, news, men, current events, did I mention MEN?? I can't even tell you on here what I did last weekend!! Oh My!!

So I will have to post this evening with my chilled martini, while I send out you hottie some interesting things to read... so stay tuned... I would do more today but I just can't see my page in order to correct it or make sure it's posting correctly!

Happy Friday... Oh by the way... anyone out there have any suggestions for CHEAP, QUICK and FAST Halloween costume ideas??? I need one fast for tomorrow night!! Leave your comments!!

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